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Tuesday 17 September 2019
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Essential Waitrose providing work opportunities

Waitrose store manager Danni Wood
Waitrose store manager Danni Wood

13 June 2013

Thames Reach has developed good links with Waitrose over recent months, culminating in three Thames Reach service users finding work with the company.

For every opening of their little Waitrose convenience stores in London, Waitrose will offer up to five job interviews for Thames Reach service users. This is in line with the supermarket’s local recruitment policy and the aim to become part of the communities in which stores serve.

Additionally, the Waitrose Partner Development team have been running a series of training sessions at the Employment Academy. The sessions aim to help service users who are interested in retail and customer services develop the skills they need to find work.

Dani Wood, Waitrose Vauxhall Store Manager said:

"The partners who have joined us from Thames Reach have been absolutely brilliant. They’ve settled in so well and are hardworking, dedicated and valued members of the team here."

Rashpal Panesar, Thames Reach’s Employment and Resettlement Manager said:

"Our relationship with Little Waitrose has developed incredibly well and they have been fantastic in offering job opportunities to people who would usually struggle to get even an interview without recent work experience."