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Tuesday 17 September 2019
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Free talk from Internationally acclaimed artist Randy Klein

Randy and Thames Reach volunteers work on the Aspire sculpture
Internationally renowned artist Randy Klein (far right) pictured with Thames Reach volunteers at the London Engineering Company, where they worked on the Aspire sculpture for the Employment Academy

07 March 2013

Internationally acclaimed artist Randy Klein is giving a free talk at the Thames Reach Employment Academy on creating public sculpture and the importance of involving the local community in that process.

The talk takes place on Wednesday, 13 March at 1pm at 29 Peckham Road, Camberwell, London SE5 8UA. It’s free and open to all.

The talk takes place one week before the launch of Randy Klein’s one-tonne metal sculpture called Aspire in a courtyard of the Employment Academy.

Randy’s talk will explain the background to the creation of Aspire and the involvement of Thames Reach service uses in the construction of the sculpture.

An accompanying exhibition of some of the models and initial sketches has been set up by the artist and some of the service users involved in the project.

The Aspire Sculpture is based around a 100 year-old spiral staircase which was an original feature of the restored Edwardian building which plays home to the academy.

The sculpture contains figures holding the tools they would typically use in the workplace, ascending the staircase and represents people climbing towards success, a key aim of the Employment Academy.

Randy Klein, said: "It is my aim to create public sculpture which has relevance to the people who will experience it. The result is a sense of ownership and pride in the art. Service users were involved in hands-on workshops at a steel factory; an opportunity to help create the artwork. They also had a chance to see all of the processes involved in creating a large sculpture.

“Aspire has accomplished the need to involve people but it is also a very powerful sculpture in its own right, capturing the spirit of people improving their lives through work.”

Please RSVP Anneke Ziemen at: Anneke.ziemen@thamesreach.org.uk if you would like to attend the talk.