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Tuesday 17 September 2019
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New Hire Hand partnership to help long-term unemployed find work

Muhit Rahman (left) manages an employment broker service at Thames Reach.

02 April 2015

The Thames Reach Employment Academy in Camberwell has joined forces with a new business initiative called Hire Hand, which helps small businesses to fill hourly jobs from a talent pool of long-term unemployed individuals looking to find work.

The Hire Hand founder, Scott Erwin said: “Our workers are all motivated, undergo a stringent vetting process and receive on-going training to best meet the needs of your business.”

Thames Reach employment broker Muhit Rahman, who has been referring people onto the programme, said: “I have a lot of customers who are not used to the daily routine of working, so Hire Hand is something that can really help. It will ease people back into the motion of working, being punctual and earning a wage. It is Employer friendly and clients will not lose their benefits.”

Scott said, “The small businesses taking part in Hire Hand are growing rapidly and are enjoyable places to work. We are asking for a London Living Wage hourly salary and have an established partnership with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) in order to prevent any issues with benefits. Come and join the fun!”

For more information on Hire Hand please visit www.hirehand.co.uk

Anyone interested in joining the programme should contact: erhelpdesk@thamesreach.org.uk and speak to a member of the Information Advice and Guidance team.