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Wednesday 23 October 2019
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Staff from M3 Consulting visit the Employment Academy
Staff from M3 Consulting on a recent visit to the Employment Academy

12 September 2012

Top property development managers M3 Consulting are one of the key partners helping Thames Reach develop a new Employment Academy that will help unemployed and formerly homeless people find work in the capital.

£4m out of the £6.5m required to build the academy has been provided by the Department for Communities and Local Government through the Places of Change programme and the project will get £500,000 back from HMRC, but the other £2m has to be raised by Thames Reach through donations and ‘gifts in kind’. M3 have used their corporate social responsibility policy to offer their services at a vastly reduced rate to Thames Reach, providing a substantial gift in kind.

M3 Consulting has been involved with the project from the very beginning; from helping Thames Reach to find a suitable site for the academy to offering advice and guidance throughout.

Without the kind of expert development management support that M3 is providing for the Employment Academy, including feasibility studies and programming advice, Thames Reach would have not been able to complete this ambitious project that is due to open later this year. 

Jonathan Raynes from M3 Consulting who has been working closely on the Employment Academy project said: 

“What inspired us about the Employment Academy was the sheer ambition of the project. Thames Reach want the Employment Academy to be a place where long term unemployed and formerly homeless people can go to get the skills and training they need to find work. Once we had heard about the vision, we were delighted to offer our support and really excited to get behind the project.”

Thames Reach’s Property Development Manager Steven McIntosh said:

“M3 Consulting have been invaluable with their monitoring, suggestions and recommendations as the building construction has progressed. They have also helped us to deal with some tricky situations by calling on their wide range of contacts within the industry to provide us with expert advice on issues such as planning and landscaping – all at little or no cost”.

If you would like to find out more about how you can get involved with the Employment Academy please contact us on 020 7062 0500.